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About Rosina

Hello, my name is Samantha and I love to crochet!
Rosina Plane was my grandmother, and she taught me to knit and to crochet while staying with her during my summer holidays back in the early 1980's ... Grandad would be busy tending to his garden, and Nanny and I would sit under the little shelter he made next to the garden pond and do all kinds of crafty things!
My first crochet project was a granny square blanket. It wasn't very good. As I'm sure you can imagine the tension wasn't great and I hadn't quite got to grips with how to go round corners (I was only about 12 years old!) but I made a blanket big enough to cover a double bed, and gifted it to my grandparents for Christmas that year. They loved it of course :-)
I have designed and made many things in the intervening years - including knitted blankets and garments, needlepoint cushions and cross-stitch patterns, but my favourite items are still the crochet blankets. I love playing with the huge range of textures and colours, and the comforting cosiness of snuggling up under the finished item.
So I thought it was about time I started writing down my designs to share with others, and what better name to chose to publish them under than Rosina Plane - in honour of the amazing, creative woman without whom I may never have discovered my enduring love for hook and yarn!

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