Flora's Fauna

New CAL landing 3rd June 2022

in association with Stylecraft Yarns

Flora was my mother-in-law, who sadly passed away in January this year. She was a keen amateur artist, with a real love for nature in all its forms, and was especially talented at painting wildlife, somehow managing to give the little animals she painted a real sense of personality.

The idea for this CAL came to me literally the day after she died, and I am convinced it was a special parting gift from her to me…. and now to you!

“Flora’s Fauna” is an 8-part CAL, worked using the overlay mosaic crochet technique, and finished off with a simple envelope border to hide the loose ends.

To simplify the abbreviations, and avoid the need for separate UK and US versions, the pattern is written in Universal terms (which will be familiar to those of you making my Jacquard Temperature Blanket, as
I originally developed this notation for that pattern).

The pattern is written for 2 sizes, and colour packs are available for these sizes.

Approximate finished sizes:
Small blanket - 92 x 125cm
Large blanket - 150 x 175cm

If neither of the suggested sizes meet your requirements then you can easily make a different size, and the pattern includes information to help you do this.

The 48-stitch repeat also makes Flora’s Fauna easy to combine with many of my other mosaic crochet designs, including Meow!, Woof!, March Hare, Woodland Trail and Letitia’s Garden. 

If you are unfamiliar with mosaic crochet or the envelope border, don’t worry, they are much easier to do than they look. 
Step by step instructions are given, including lots of helpful photos, making this pattern suitable even for total beginners to mosaic crochet.

Supporting videos for each part will also be provided on my YouTube channel, including separate versions formatted specifically for left-handers.

The introduction file, which contains all the important information you will need to prepare for the CAL, including yarn requirements, gauge and abbreviations, is now available from Ravelry.

Part 1 of the pattern will be added 17th June, with the remaining parts at weekly intervals, ending with part 8 (the border) on 5th August.

Full price £7.95, but available at the special price of £5.95 (25% off) until 7th August 2022.

The complete pattern will also be available from Etsy, and Love Crafts  from 16th June, but this will NOT be discounted.


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