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Jacquard Sampler CAL

in association with Stylecraft Yarns

Originally published as a 13-part CAL starting mid-December 2021, the various separate weekly parts have now been replaced by 4 individual complete files:

  • standard overlay mosaic version (option 1 during the CAL) in both UK and US terms

  • single-colour ‘no-ends’ jacquard mosaic version (option 2 during the CAL) in both UK and US terms.

The sampler is made up of 12 different textured designs, each of which has a clear chart and full written instructions for both the standard overlay mosaic crochet, and jacquard mosaic crochet versions.

The standard overlay mosaic version of the pattern also provides 2 options for tidying up the loose ends: an envelope/double border worked around all 4 sides of the blanket; or a narrow pocket edging just worked along the left and right edges.

There is no border for the ‘no ends’ jacquard mosaic crochet version, as that is designed to have a simple ‘clean’ modern edge.

The idea for this CAL developed from my Jacquard Temperature Blanket design (available separately).

As I would have no control over the colour used for each row of a temperature blanket, I knew I would need to use the texture of overlay mosaic crochet to create the design … and to keep the temperature blanket as interesting as possible to hook I designed a different ‘extension’ pattern for each month.

It then occurred to me that the extension patterns would look great in their own right, repeated across the whole row, especially if I got creative with colour …
Hence the standard mosaic crochet (option 1) Jacquard Sampler was born! 

Then I looked again at my sample swatch, made in a single colour, and I thought “if I am working in a single colour, why not turn at the end of every row, so I don’t have hundreds of ends to deal with?” … so I tweaked the overlay mosaic crochet technique to create “Jacquard Mosaic Crochet” (option 2).

Size Options

The patterns for both options are written for 3 sizes: scarf {runner, large blanket}.

The examples on the right are all Option 1, and all of them measure around 215cm long using Stylecraft Special DK, or 190cm long using Stylecraft Naturals Bamboo + Cotton.

Finished widths (excluding border) will be approximately 23 {70, 150} cm using Stylecraft Special DK, or 20 {60, 130} cm using Stylecraft Naturals Bamboo + Cotton.

Finished measurements for Option 2 will be approximately 20cm shorter than above, and the scarf will be around 15cm wide in Special DK, or 13cm wide in Bamboo + Cotton.


Stylecraft Special DK


Stylecraft Special DK


Stylecraft Special DK


Stylecraft Naturals
Bamboo + Cotton

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