Jacquard Sampler CAL

in association with Stylecraft Yarns

The idea for this CAL developed from my Jacquard Temperature Blanket design (available separately).

As I would have no control over the colour used for each row of a temperature blanket, I knew I would need to use the texture of overlay mosaic crochet to create the design … and to keep the temperature blanket as interesting as possible to hook I designed a different ‘extension’ pattern for each month.

It then occurred to me that the extension patterns would look great in their own right, repeated across the whole row, especially if I got creative with colour …
Hence the standard mosaic crochet (option 1) Jacquard Sampler was born! 

Then I looked again at my sample swatch, made in a single colour, and I thought “if I am working in a single colour, why not turn at the end of every row, so I don’t have hundreds of ends to deal with?” … so I tweaked the overlay mosaic crochet technique to create “Jacquard Mosaic Crochet” (option 2).

Size Options

The patterns for both options are written for 3 sizes: scarf {runner, large blanket}.

The examples on the right are all Option 1, and all of them measure around 215cm long using Stylecraft Special DK, or 190cm long using Stylecraft Naturals Bamboo + Cotton.

Finished widths (excluding border) will be approximately 23 {70, 150} cm using Stylecraft Special DK, or 20 {60, 130} cm using Stylecraft Naturals Bamboo + Cotton.

Finished measurements for Option 2 will be approximately 20cm shorter than above, and the scarf will be around 15cm wide in Special DK, or 13cm wide in Bamboo + Cotton.

Each part of the CAL is available in a choice of UK or US terms, and includes a clear, easy to follow chart, full written instructions and lots of helpful photos. 

This 13-part CAL started in December 2021, with a new part added to Ravelry each Monday, until 14th March 2022.

Full price £7.95, but available at the special price of £3.95 (half price) until 20th March 2022.

The full pattern is also available from Etsy, but this is not discounted.


Stylecraft Special DK


Stylecraft Special DK


Stylecraft Special DK


Stylecraft Naturals
Bamboo + Cotton