10 May 2021

Wow, where has the last 7 months gone?!

'Mosaic Crochet World' now has over 20,000 members, and my other Facebook group 'Rosina Crochets' has 10,000 ... please do come and join us ... you will find lots of other lovely people there, along with help and support and the occasional special offer just for members!

I am currently busy working on the videos for a new CAL which should be ready for you all to see next month ... and to whet your appetite for that I also have another CAL starting this week in issue 110 of Simply Crochet magazine!

Just like Letitia's Holiday, Magic Carpet incorporates both inset and overlay mosaic crochet, and will it be run over 7 issues of the magazine. More information can be obtained from Ravelry or the Gathered website.

Photo of Magic Carpet throw

27 September 2020

I can't believe its been 11 weeks since I last had a chance to catch up with myself on here!

'Mosaic Crochet World' has really taken off, and already has over 8,500 members, and I am now ready to launch the CAL I mentioned in my last post ....

Letitia's Holiday is a Christmas-themed CAL which incorporates my two favourite crochet techniques at the moment - inset and overlay mosaic crochet. If you haven't tried them before, I urge you to do so, as they are amazingly easy to do, but the results look so impressive!

Letitia's Holiday small and large blankets

11 July 2020

Wow, have I had a busy week!

Not only am I currently working on 2 magazine commissions, while trying to design a new Autumn / Winter CAL; and it was my turn as designer of the square for the Friends Around the World CAL being run by fb group 'CAL Crochet A Long' ...

But I also ended up setting up a new fb Group 'Mosaic Crochet World', alongside 4 other mosaic-mad designers, when the previous group was unexpectedly shut down!